July 31, 2019

13 Tips For Roof Replacement In Winston-Salem

A man using a chisel on an asphalt roof

It’s about that time. You experience leaks on a regular basis, your roof is worn and shingles are starting to curl. All signs are pointing to needing to replace your roof before the damage gets worse and learn some Tips for roof replacement.

Some individuals may decide to attempt to follow the Tips for roof replacement themselves. While some home projects are able to be approached from a DIY-perspective, we advise the majority of homeowners to hire professionals when it comes to their roof. Should you still decide to tackle this project, here are some tips to get you started:

Tips for roof replacement

As you consider taking on the job yourself, consider the following before embarking on the task.

Tip 1 – Understand city permitting requirements. Roof replacements require permits and city approval. If you live in an HOA area, chances are there is a specific type of shingle you are required to use.

Tip 2 – Account for all the materials on a roof. Roofs consist of more than just a layer of shingles. You will need to account for, at a minimum, seam tape and tar paper before you even get to install the shingles.

Tip 3 – Don’t forget about the disposal of the old roof. You will need to remember to dispose of the old roofing material. You may be required to recycle your shingles, rather than dropping them at the local dump. As you seek city permits and HOA approval, you can learn the specific requirements for appropriate disposal, as well.


Before you replace the roof of your Winston-Salem home, it is best to make a plan.

Tip 4 – Determine the square footage of your roof. You can measure out the square footage of the roof you will need to cover. It isn’t as easy as simply pulling a tape over the surface of the roof, or just pulling a simple square footage based on your house size. You need to account for the roof pitch.

Tip 5 – Measure the pitch of your roof for accurate square footage estimates. To measure the pitch of your roof, get a level that is at least 12 inches long. On your roof, place one corner of the level on the roof and elevate the other end until it is level. Once you do that, take a tape measure and measure from the surface of the roof to the 12-inch mark on your level. The number of inches you read on the tape from the roof to the level will give you the pitch of your roof.

Tip 6 – Purchase your materials before starting. After calculating out your roof square footage, purchase your shingles and tar paper. A word of wisdom regarding the purchasing process, make sure to buy a couple extra bags of the shingles and an additional role of tar paper. You don’t want to run out in the middle of the replacement.


With a plan in place and materials purchased, you are ready to remove the old roof.

Tip 7 – Wear proper gear. Be sure to wear gloves, long sleeves, pants, and shoes with good grip. The gloves, long sleeves, and pants protect you from the sun, which seems to become hotter on a roof. Shoes with a good grip will help you keep good footing.

Tip 8 – Separate roof shingles from other waste materials. You will remove the shingles, then old tar paper, and any damaged seam tape. Be sure to separate the tar paper and the shingles, as they are sometimes required to be in separate piles when dumped.

Tip 9 – Use tools that will save your back and legs. Using a long handle scraper is useful, rather than constantly bending down to pull shingles off.

Tip 10 – Check the weather. Before you even begin demo of your roof, be sure to check the weather forecast. You are going to want a few days, at least, of clear weather before you expose your home to the elements


Now you are ready for a new roof in Winston-Salem!

Tip 11 – Check the plywood decking for holes or punctures. Before you start installing your new roof, locate and mark with spray paint any holes or punctures in the plywood decking. These are areas with a high probability of leaking. If it is a small hole, you can simply lay seam tape over it. If the hole is larger than a half-dollar, you may need to consider replacing that piece of decking altogether.

Tip 12 – Install each piece in entirety. Do not install the roof in sections. This means, install the seam tape and tar paper over the entire roof before laying shingles. Do not just install in sections.

Tip 13 – Rent a nail gun. If you do not have a roofing nail gun, be sure to rent one. A nail gun will make the install process of the shingles move a lot quicker than if you were to do it entirely by hand.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Although there are some people who have the time and know-how to complete their own roofing project, KNS Remodeling still encourages every homeowner to leave it to the professionals. There are several reasons for this:

Professional Inspection and Professional Results

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor is that you will receive professional results. Roofing contractors have the training and experience necessary to recognize problem spots, both apparent and potential, and repair them as necessary. KNS Remodeling will fully inspect your existing roof to ensure there’s no underlying structural damage that needs to be repaired. Roofers also know the difference in quality materials and what will work best for each home’s unique roofing situation. 


Climbing on a high roof carries the risk of falls or injury. Professional roofing contractors have the safety training and equipment needed to work on even the steepest pitched roofs with minimal risks. Keep in mind that professional roofing contractors have the experience of working on hundreds of roofs over the course of their career, something a typical homeowner does not.

Quick Turnaround

Another benefit of hiring professionals is the speed at which they are able to work. With multiple skilled contractors working on your roof at one time, roof repair or replacement will take a fraction of the time as going the DIY route. This means you don’t have to take up your entire vacation or evenings after work to dedicate to the replacement. There’s also less risk of running into issues with the weather when the job is completed in a short time span.

Easier Clean-Up

The clean-up of a roofing replacement isn’t an easy task. You’ll likely need to rent a dumpster and haul all of the old shingles and tar paper to the side of the home that the dumpster is on. It can be timely, expensive, and taxing on the body. At KNS Remodeling, we’re careful to haul away the old roofing debris, leaving no mess behind. 

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KNS Remodeling’s team of professional contractors have the training and experience needed to inspect your roof and follow the Tips for roof replacement. We use only the finest quality materials and offer the highest quality service. If you’re looking to leave it to the pros, contact KNS Remodeling, licensed roofer of Winston-Salem.