December 27, 2019

8 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

New remodeled blue bathroom with classic white tile.

The bathroom is often the top target in the scopes of homeowners who wish to complete a home remodeling project. The space in your bathroom is a bit smaller than the second most remodeled house space, the kitchen, and is often a little cheaper to remodel. The following tips will help you complete a successful bathroom renovation while keeping the cost low and efficient.

1. Ventilation

Bathrooms need ventilation. Unfortunately, this fact is ignored by a lot of homeowners when they are planning to remodel their bathrooms. You will need your bathroom to be properly ventilated if you intend for your bathroom renovation project to endure the test of time. Bathrooms that are not properly ventilated can experience a build-up of mold and mildew that will wreak havoc on floors, cabinets, and walls.

2. Lighting

You will not regret the decision to add sufficient lighting to your bathroom. You should begin this part of your remodeling project by accessing the light needs for your bathroom. Give consideration to the times of day and night your bathroom is most used and take into account what natural lighting is available at these times.

Multiple sources of light will enhance the appeal of your bathroom. The perfect combination of task lighting, recessed lighting, and accent spotlights will provide a lighting design that is perfect for your bathroom. Other light sources include feature lighting, night lights, and downlights.

Energy efficiency, as well as applicable codes and regulations, should be considered when designing a new lighting scheme for your bathroom.

3. Floor Plans

You will likely have some pretty creative ideas regarding the new design of your home remodeling project as a whole and your bathroom floor in particular. However, keep in mind the practical savings in money, time, and effort that will result from simple decisions like positional new plumbing fixtures in close proximity to existing plumbing when you complete a bathroom remodel.

There is no need to worry¬† that the bathroom won’t feel larger than before the remodel because you choose to keep the same plumbing footprint. Fixtures like pedestal sinks and glass shower doors are excellent selections to make your bathroom appear a little larger. Another option is to switch out an older medicine cabinet mirror in favor of a larger wall mirror. This will increase the available space around a vanity area.

4. Add Plants

A simple solution to add color and a more natural look to your bathroom is to add plants to the room. Bathrooms are often a sterile-looking place that can benefit from the color provided by plant life.

The humidity will be high inside your bathroom so it is a good idea to select plants that do well in humid environments. Spider plants are one great selection for a bathroom as you only need to ensure they have adequate lighting to facilitate their growth. Bamboo and orchards will also do well in a bathroom setting. An aloe vera plant will grow well in a bathroom when placed next to a window that will provide sunlight. The aloe vera gel from the plant will also provide you and your family with medicinal protection against cuts, sunburns, and bug bites.

5. Flooring

Your bathroom flooring needs to be able to withstand the daily traffic that will flow through your bathroom. While wooden floors will provide character to any bathroom, they will probably not be the best selection for durability. Better alternatives for a bathroom remodel include tile flooring made of ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl.

6. Use Color to Affect Size

A color scheme that is white or light-colored will make your bathroom appear larger. Conversely, darker color schemes can make your bathroom space feel a little smaller. You should also choose only white fixtures like sinks and bathtubs if you are concerned with having a bathroom that appears large. The exception to the white-only rule is the ceiling. Painting your ceiling a light color may make your bathroom seem smaller.

7. Freestanding Pieces

A cupboard or decorative chair makes a great design element for a bathroom if the space is large enough for such a piece. If space is an issue, you can consider retiring other objects that may be in your bathroom like clothes hampers or baskets. Do not forget that you can make your freestanding piece perform double duty like storing towels, soap, or other items.

8. Add Mirrors

If you are like most homeowners, you do not spend much time thinking of a mirror as anything more than an object used to check your appearance. But when used properly, mirrors are a great design element that can be used to adjust the lighting in your bathroom while increasing the room’s visual aspects. There is no need to be extreme in regards to this tip. A second mirror added to the bathroom is usually enough to achieve the desired effect.

The Bottom Line

Your bathroom will be a large part of any home remodeling project you decide to do. Not only is the bathroom one of the most frequented spaces in your home, but a new bathroom is also just the thing to increase the sale price of your home if you wish to sell at a later date. The eight tips above are a great place to start for homeowners who are thinking about remodeling their bathroom.

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