December 18, 2020

Designing a Master Suite

Designing a master suite addition is more than just laying out plans, making changes, and decorating. There are other factors going into a master suite. Looking at the motives and benefits of having a new master suite and other things that go in the mix. We’ll look at all three.

Motives for a Master Suite Addition

Perhaps your house needs an added bathroom. That’s a definite motive for adding a master suite alone, plus if you plan on selling your house, you’ll want an extra bathroom to equal out the number of bedrooms in your house. Any room addition that includes a bathroom is going to be of value. There should be a profitable return on a home that includes an added bathroom. Say you have a home with one bathroom, you’ll profit in the long run when you include a second bathroom, especially when you decide to put your house up for sale.

What a Master Suite Includes

Besides additional bathrooms, you want to look at what a master suite bathroom contains. Think about adding a shower and tub to a bathroom. For the sale of a home, a bathroom with both a shower and tub are helpful. You’ll need a tub if you eventually sell your home to a family with young children. Also, older people prefer large showers over bathtubs. Having both is essential in the resale value of your home and the comfort of your family. Other additions to a master suite bathroom and room areas usually include walk-in closets with additional storage spaces and private vanity areas with counter space and even sitting areas within the suite itself.

Added Space

Maybe you need more space to deal with an increasing family and different generations living within the same household. You need additional space, larger rooms, and extra storage to make things more comfortable for everyone. The bathroom layout may be awkward as well, and not large enough to accommodate the people needing to use it. There may also be factors of lack of privacy and the amount of personal space necessary.

There is no doubt that the added space of a master suite can change the whole picture in a living situation. Potential buyers will look for added square footage and what it can add to their living situation. Considering a home addition in a master suite can add to that space and the value of your home and KNS Remodeling is there to help you solve the issues of a home addition.

Potential Added Income

With the right design and builder, you can actually make and save money on a master suite addition. If the space is free and no one will live there right away, you can rent the space in the meantime.

Benefits of a Master Suite Addition

There are many benefits that adding a master suite can bring to a home. A room addition that can accommodate different family members at different stages in their lives is helpful to a family’s changing needs and to a home’s future marketability. With an added master suite and even a second master suite, your home will increase in value and marketability.

Some Other Benefits of a Master Suite

  • Guest room – A master suite makes a great guest room for family and friends. It’s perfect for privacy and comfort, and there are no worries about sharing bathroom space.
  • Caregiving situation – Possibly you may need extra room for an older family member in the future. A master suite arrangement makes for a good living situation for either relatives or others close to you. They have their own privacy yet can still feel part of the family.
  • Accessibility – A master suite that is on one level is also helpful for those with disabilities, health or movement issues.
  • Home Office – Many people today work from home and a master suite could be the ideal setup for someone working full or part-time in a home situation. With a lower level suite, you have an area that’s perfect for a transition from bedroom to home office.
  • Distancing from Teens – The idea of the space and the privacy that a master suite offers between older children and their louder activities is one way to keep a sane household. Older children like the idea as well.
  • Future Needs – Your needs will likely change in the future. A one level master suite will accommodate those who have stairs now and will probably not want them in the future. If you want to remain in your home most of your life, consider a master suite for more simplified living.

Other Considerations

  • When you consider any kind of home remodeling project, remember that adding a master suite can cost considerably less than adding a guest house.
  • Many adults find themselves in the situation of providing care for their parents at a future date and a master suite is one solution for that.
  • If you find yourself a widow or widower, the availability of a master suite would be helpful as a rental. You’ll gain supplemental income as well as social interaction and companionship.

If you’re seriously considering a master suite addition, contact KNS Remodeling for an estimate. We can help you understand the remodeling process and what it can do to help you live in comfort now and in the future and increase the value of your property.