September 11, 2020

The Importance of Roofing Vents

A well-designed roofing system allows air to circulate throughout the attic, regardless of the current conditions. The Triad of North Carolina sees many days with extreme temperatures and high humidity, creating the perfect conditions for trapped moisture underneath the roof of poorly ventilated systems.

The trapped moisture with no way to ventilate outdoors can lead to significant problems. The plywood substrate fails quickly, destroying your shingle roof and sheathing, too. Wood rot, mold, mildew, even drywall damage, and warped siding and paint peeling are only common conditions with long-term moisture problems.

Proper roof ventilation has many long-term benefits that every homeowner should enjoy. Trapped moisture is no longer a problem, as it can escape at any time throughout the year. During the hot summer months, attics get very hot and eventually buckle and fail, but proper venting eliminates heat buildup because the design allows for constant airflow.

Benefits of Proper Roof Venting

Thanks to proper roof venting, a considerable benefit is the roofing shingles’ added lifespan because of reduced attic temperatures and minimized condensation from moisture. The reduced temps and humidity in the attic help lessen the need for a premature full roof replacement.

The lower humidity also means a drier and cooler attic area, which dramatically decreases the likelihood of moisture buildup and the growth of mold or mildew, including localized wood rot. Not only will the attic perform better, but the lowered utility costs are also a pleasant surprise because your air conditioner runs more efficiently and less often.

Roof Venting Options

Ridge vents – Older homes likely will not have ridge vents because earlier homes are not as air-tight as modern homes, and roof venting was never a big concern. As opinions about energy efficiency changed, people wanted to make their homes warmer and less drafty.

As one of the first recommendations to make homes more comfortable, ridge vents gained in popularity. Designed to sit at the roof’s peak, they work by pulling air from inside the attic and then venting along the ridge.

Static vents – Designed without moving parts, installation helps provide simple airflow through the attic system. They come in a variety of designs such as louver styles, dormers, or a roofline style. 

Gable vents – Gable vents are widespread and found in many homes. Installed on the gable ends of homes, the louver shaped gable vent is handy in providing airflow throughout the attic system. Sometimes, installers combine them with static and ridge vents with power-assisted vents.

Wind turbines – These wind turbines share the same mushroom-shaped top that, by design, catch wind currents in their turbines and spin the fan located inside. The uniqueness of the turbine is that it propels the heated air inside the attic to the outside.

Damage Caused By Poor Roof Ventilation

In the summer months, the most common problem found with roofs is ventilation. Because it’s hot outside and it rains a lot, you might think gutters and shingles are the most significant problems. Roof venting is always at the top of the list because of the severe damage caused by poor venting. Remember, it’s the heat and moisture that adequate venting will control.

Even regular, everyday occurrences like showering and laundry contribute to your attic and roof system’s growing moisture problem. Eventually, the moisture will deteriorate the entire roof, from the support system to the shingles and underlayment.

Ice Dams and Rust

You may have seen ice under your shingles near the edge of the roof. That’s a sign of poor insulation that allows heat to escape and melt snow on the top and then refreezes at the border. The ice builds up under the shingles, and then significant damage occurs when the ice melts.

Moisture can get so bad that it causes the nails holding down your shingles begin to rust, and finally break. Consider other metal straps for ductwork that can also suffer rust damage, leading to their failure, too.

Your AC Works Too Hard

Suppose your AC unit is continuously under siege having to deal with excessive moisture and high heat. In that case, it’s going to fail because it can’t keep up with constant cooling demands in the environment it’s expected to work within.

In addition to the excess moisture inside your home, your living conditions also suffer because you are uncomfortable, leading to unhealthy conditions. In the summer months, the heat attacking your attic can’t escape and ends up making its way into your home. The AC turns on, and likely won’t turn off until late in the evening.

Let KNS Remodeling Repair or Replace Your Damaged Roof

By now, you should have a good understanding of the importance of roof vents and how they can save you thousands in repair costs over the years. Even if your home has no roof venting, we can show you how to correct past mistakes and start back on solid footing to stop more damage from occurring.

We are KNS Remodeling, located in Winston-Salem, NC. We live and work in the Triad, just like you. We understand the kind of weather conditions exclusive to North Carolinians in this area. The oppressive heat and humidity are part of our culture here, but we enjoy every minute because it’s home.

Fortunately, we have a good understanding of the conditions our homes endure year after year. That said, we specialize in undoing the damage that moisture and humidity cause. Asphalt shingles are best for roofs in this area and are all we use in our roofing services. Asphalt shingles continuously protect your roof and withstand the elements year after year. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and are widely available.

If your home doesn’t have proper attic roof venting, and you’re noticing signs of moisture damage or would like to talk to us about a roof replacement with a shingle roof, we urge you to contact us.